My dear friend, Lynda ~ “It is so” Woman

It is so Woman makes things so.
She takes her thread made of trees and waters and winds
And weaves the dreams of Heaven into existence.
Through her form comes matter,
Birthed onto the earth plane
Through an anchor rooted deeply into Mother Earth.
I bring things into existence, she says.
I will weave you from here to there
So that you know what already is,
And that what you dream to be
Is already so.
You too know this.
Yet use my bridge until
We are all there,
Where Heaven and Earth become one,
And we know that all we’ve ever wished for, can be.
I will hold us until then.
Allow me,
For I know it is so.

~ Christina Morassi

Where do I start.  She is extraordinary, truly she is.  I was in the biggest crisis of my life when she walked in.  She didn't bat an eye. I flew on her strong wings for some time. She kept reminding me of something I could not see but I could feel.  She supported my heart in staying alive while I was dying.  She is unusual in that she didn't get hard going through this adult thing. Or I guess her own love was bigger. I feel her gift is Love and bringing other's home.  She is a natural healer, wise woman, a midwife, sister and angel.  I am so very grateful for Lynda coming into my life. I have no doubt that her love will continue to impact the world in the most powerful and gentle way.

~ Lisa

As a life coach Lynda is an excellent listener. She listens and reflects back what she heard both on the verbal and emotional levels. She has an ability to sense where I'm at emotionally and mentally, even from 1400 miles away. As we worked in the many bi-weekly sessions, she listened intently, and reflected patiently to help me recognize patterns and sort through confusion. One of the biggest areas of learning for me is how Lynda models compassion and nurturing. She taught me how to be soft and compassionate with all parts of myself, even the ones I don't like. These days I find myself much more compassionate towards myself as well as towards others.

In our sessions I find myself feeling relaxed and safe even when I go deeper and become more vulnerable; and although I am usually very protective of myself for fear of being judged, up until now I've never felt judged in our coaching sessions. On the contrary, I have been growing and making huge progress in integrating the different parts of myself. Also, Lynda's gentle encouragement and suggested homework has played a helpful role in my progress. My inner integration manifests itself in my life and every day behavior.

I find myself focused at work and more present in my relationship with my husband. With Lynda I can pose new questions and explore new possibilities. She has a gentle way to remind me to stay with what emotions come up and not move on, or dismiss too quickly. She taught me to "allow" and to "make room" for my emotions, something with which I have struggled a lot in my life.

In my next to last session, I had a very profound emotional release experience. Lynda's solid support and her unwavering presence carried me through this healing experience. While I was having a body/mind emotional release, Lynda's words were with me. She did not panic but rather calmly and firmly kept reassuring me that she was there with me and that I am OK. This experience was and still is extremely deep as it continues to unfold in my mind and body.

Thank you universe for Lynda :)

~ Clarkson

Lynda can hold a vision for someone else in heart, as well as in mind.  She’ll help you feel your vision and gently remind you to think it to be.  You still have to do it, but the way Lynda holds people in by holding their vision in her heart during the times you don’t feel it helps you to see yourself in a good light so you have the power to create.  In her life she is a wonderful model of choosing love through significant challenges.  Her bodywork is nurturing and feels like a reset point in life.” 

~ Olaf

Lynda's ability to drop so deeply into the present moment has allowed me the opportunity to experience stillness in a way I did not know before lying on her table.  Her presence and spirit comforts the most tender parts of me. I was never afraid to show up as I am in all of my brokenness, my fullness, my pain and my joy so that I could heal myself; this feels like the most profound gift she offers. She is a bridge and a guide in the truest sense; she knows how to step out of the way so that I can experience my own profound inner connection with all that is.  I could not ask for anything more.  Lynda has touched my life in ways no one has, but she has opened the door for many to. 


“Lynda was able to easily sift through the carefully woven personality to help me discover my innermost true being behind all of my armor and walls. She taps into several different healing modalities to guide you through physical and emotional pain with grace. She has provided a light into understanding how my complex trauma affects my career and relationships. With her ability to instill mindfulness practices into my daily life has made me more adept in dealing with a high-pressure career, the stressors of daily life, and how to navigate my relationships lovingly. I have never felt more empowered to face my personal blocks and fears than after a session with Lynda.”

~ Myrna

Dear Lynda, 
I want to thank you so much for the amazing craniosacral session yesterday.  I have never experienced such a wonderfully healing treatment.  Although our session involved minimal muscle manipulation I felt more renewed than I do after a traditional two hour massage.  The deep level of relaxation you invoke along with your inclusion of both the mind and body into the healing process definitely left me with astounding results.  The chronic tightness in my chest has dissipated as well and the aching in my back.  THANK YOU so much for working your wonders on me!!!!  You are amazing and I will very highly recommend you to everyone I know who has aches and pains or who just need to unwind and reduce their stress. 
Thank you! 

~ Molisa