Lynda McCloskey


Body, Mind & Soul Healing

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There is a stirring deep within urging you
To discover and uncover your full potential
To claim your power and use your voice
To know your worth and love yourself fiercely
To courageously say yes to your Soul’s Awakening
and step in the river of change!
It comes from the DESIRE for change that lead you here.


I love that you found yourself here. I still remember my Healer’s first question: Why now? When you reach out, you answer: Yes, I am READY to do the work that is needed to live the life I desire.

It’s not knowing how that keeps you stuck in autopilot. Overwhelm, stress, anxiety, loneliness, and dissatisfaction can build up tension. Tension can become discomfort in the body and worry in the mind. Walls of protection can build up around the heart, fearing to feel too much yet longing for a deeper connection with self and others.

Learning to turn toward the fear, judgment and or hurt and ask, “What are you needing? What are you afraid of?” then learning to listen is key. This builds self-acceptance for the parts of yourself that otherwise you would tend to push away or avoid. In essence, Body, Mind & Soul Healing is a way to retrieve your lost or hidden treasure and create a loving relationship with yourself.

I hold a safe and compassionate space for deep exploration. Working together, we uncover where physical, mental and emotional energy is stuck then bring it back into the flow of your life. We restore the power that comes from unwinding limiting subconscious beliefs held in mind and body while creating updated programming.

When you begin to align with your Inner Guidance you are joyfully living from your authentic self. This translates into your life as self-acceptance, deeper connections, clarity of mind, embodied boundaries and empowered actions...and so much more!



A beautiful blend for practical action steps and empowering self-discoveries to make lasting change. more


An approach that honors the intelligence of connection for optimal healing through a range of modalities: Counseling, Inner Child Work, Life Coaching, Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, NeuroAffective Touch, Guided Meditation Journeys. more


Supports the release of tension stored in the body. This work creates space to invite and hear what truly wants to be related to and released in your body. more

Lynda was able to easily sift through the carefully woven personality to help me discover my innermost true being behind all of my armor and walls. She taps into several different healing modalities to guide you through physical and emotional pain with grace. She has provided a light into understanding how my complex trauma affects my career and relationships. With her ability to instill mindfulness practices into my daily life has made me more adept in dealing with a high-pressure career, the stressors of daily life, and how to navigate my relationships lovingly. I have never felt more empowered to face my personal blocks and fears than after a session with Lynda.
— Myrna

Are you ready to overcome?

  • Stress, anxiety, isolation and overwhelm

  • Feeling disconnected with self and your relationships

  • Holding pain both physical and emotional 

  • Going through the motions; knowing there is more, but don’t know how to get there

Who answers the call:

  • You need more meaning in life

  • You are ready to live as your authentic self and claim your power 

  • You know it's an inside job and that measuring your worth based on social paradigms is no longer interesting 

  • You are ready to live YOUR BEST LIFE!

Some of the transformations you may experience:

  • Knowing and understanding healthy boundaries

  • Empowerment that comes from valuing your worth

  • Courage to speak from your heart and have meaning relationships

  • Ability to make positive decisions and mindful choices

  • Experiencing more joy, peace and balance