Hello, I'm Lynda.

I provide holistic healing sessions customized to meet your needs with any or all of these modalities: Spiritual Life Coaching, CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, NeuroAffective Touch, Inner Child Work and Guided Meditation Journeys. This healing work is a culmination of 25 years of experience in powerful body and mind awareness practices and tools that have helped my clients and, I trust, will help you.

Our work together is a safe, gentle exploration: listening to your body, feeling your feelings, discovering where emotional or mental energy is stuck then unwinding it. This deepens your relationship with yourself and the wisdom alive within you for making the changes you desire in your life.

Awakening into Love by knowing you are enough, accessing your inner wisdom and living from your worth is, I believe, true healing. The opportunity to be a supportive guide in your journey toward self-discovery, self-empowerment and self-love is a gift that lights up my life. It is my passion and my mission.

My superpower is holding a compassionate space to deep dive and retrieve treasures that have been hidden or lost. 

My Story

I am aware that “my story” is not just mine but, in one way or another, every woman’s. As a child and young adult, I had low self-esteem, little confidence and no clue of my own worth. I was constantly seeking outside approval to know my worth. Because I was desperately looking outside myself, I didn’t know who I was or even what I wanted. As you can imagine, that was an extremely painful way to live. I was in constant fear of not being enough or being too much. Sound familiar? I felt a void within me, till I realized, this void could only be filled by me. When I learned how to be with it, my world changed.

I was done with unconsciously abandoning myself, done with valuing myself based on outside approval and done with feeling afraid. I learned how to turn toward the fear and ask, “What do you need?” I learned to listen with compassionate understanding. When I began to touch this void within me, I felt peace. I began to truly love myself, and I learned slowly but steadily to respect and value who I am.

I turned all the unworthiness and fear into the keys to my Queendom! 

The keys live in our fear and turmoil. Beauty lives in the sorrow of knowing that, as women, we all have experienced elemental unworthiness. Beauty lives in the sorrow that touches all the ways we have not respected ourselves and our cultures have not honored our wisdom. Te Beauty I am speaking of is that we are waking up to who we really are as women and uniting our voices to heal our planet and each other. Beauty and sorrow ignited me on my own spiritual journey and fuel me in my mission to support women to awakening to their self-worth and self-love.