Awareness is the greatest agent for change.
— Eckhart Tolle

Spiritual Life Coaching


Spiritual Life Coaching is a powerful way to be guided and held steady in achieving your desires. It is a process of becoming awake to the beliefs that no longer serve you and a compassionate way to cultivating your innate wisdom and access your true power. This work offers clarity of mind and peace in your heart.

Becoming conscious of unconscious patterns leads us to empowering insights about the dynamics we play out in relationships and in ourselves.

When we do this work, we begin to break free from the subconscious wounding and beliefs that keep us operating from victim consciousness. This is what true empowerment is.

The default reactions to defend or project your hurt/blame onto another lessen because you see your part underneath the situation. You see your story in the patterns. It is from here you have the power to make lasting changes. To heal the wounds of the past so they no longer default into your future. Giving your Soul more space to lead the way as you free up stagnant energy held in the body and mind.

A new intimacy with your Soul blooms. Your defense structures begin to fade away and there YOU ARE...your True-Self, connected in body, mind, and soul. Full of joy, empowered by authenticity and uninhibited to create the life you desire from your soul-stirring awareness.

60 minutes $120 (In-person or Skype)